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Trolling through my various news sources and got word on some interesting items from the world of popular music.

doshdosh, one of the people I follow on Twitter, posted the following:

doshdosh Great news. NIN’s CC-Licensed album is the best selling mp3 album at Amazon in 2008. http://bit.ly/thka

To translate, Nine Inch Nails’ album, Ghosts I-IV, released in early 2008 under a Creative Commons license, was Amazon’s best selling album of the year. Creative Commons allows people to freely redistribute creative work under various easy-to-follow conditions. It is an answer to the stringent copyright laws at work in the United States, but only if a creator has the courage to allow his/her work to be freely shared. (A Creative Commons license can be set to allow said artists to keep commercial use of their work, so it’s not about taking away their right to earn a living. Incidentally, my blog is licensed under a Creative Commons license.)

Through my Google Alerts, I received a couple of articles about albums that are due to be released in the coming year:


Erie Times-News (mid-way through the article is the music section)

Dave Matthews Band has announced that it will be releasing an album in April. By following Dave’s tweets, you can tell when he’s in the studio working.

U2 is also putting out an album, this one titled “No Line on the Horizon,” which is a beautiful, literary sort of title, just like “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” and “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.” With those titles, I’m waiting for a novel from these Irish rogues.

Depeche Mode, one of my favorite bands from way back when that still intrigues me, is also due to release an album in 2009. And my brother will be excited to hear that The Decemberists will be putting out an album, too, “The Hazards of Love” in March 2009.

Check out the articles listed above for more of the musicians who’ll be releasing new work in 2009.