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The signs of aging are creeping up on me, quietly, but surely. A few wrinkles here, a few gray hairs there. The gray hairs are more translucent then gray. Some hearing loss, which, as I learned from an article on MSNBC, is related to my brain as much as my ears.

I discovered yet another sign of aging unexpectedly this afternoon. I took Daughter to her eye exam and as the appointment was coming to an end, I asked the optometrist if he had seen any increase in eye problems due to excessive computer use. He said that he hadn’t seen an increase in things like nearsightedness or astigmatism, but had gotten more complaints about eyestrain. I said that when I’ve spend some time on the computer and then look up, it’s hard for me to focus on things further away for a few minutes. He asked how old I was – and then said I didn’t have to answer that. I did anyway – I’m 41 – and he said that this trouble with focusing was an early sign of eventually needing bifocals. My age is within the typical range for starting to have this focusing problem. Lovely.

I think I’m resigned to all of this.