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Over this past weekend I had occasion to do a couple of related tasks. For one, I sat down with my writing notebooks and sifted through them to review ideas. While I was going through them, I happened along a list of goals for 2008. Here’s my list:

Work on publishing Greenville

Write 3 new short stories

Finish editing interviews

Buy a new laptop

Create a book list

I managed all but the second item on the list. I started work on two short stories, but haven’t finished them. While I haven’t yet uploaded Greenville so that it can be purchased in book form, I’m almost there. The book list is a list of books I want to read and the GoodReads website allowed me an easy way to do that.

I figured I should set some writing goals for 2009. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Upload Greenville to Cafe Press; work on marketing & distribution

Create merchandise to go with book

Make website live

Write 3 short stories

Edit Family Enchantment

Do research for a larger story

Go through past novel ideas – decide to revisit or abandon

Keep blogging & tweeting

Decide whether to turn a short story into a book

My non-writing related goal is to stay active. It’s too easy to become a slug while sitting in front of my computer.

The second related task was filling out the yearly calendar – well, three calendars, actually. We keep a family calendar with birthdays, special events and appointments. Now that Eldest Son is living away, I figured he should have his own calendar to help him keep track of those important family dates. Plus, I bought my new journal notebook for the year, so wanted to enter everything there, as well. It took me over an hour, but going through the process helped me to focus on the upcoming year – just as setting yearly goals did.

How do you get ready for the upcoming year? Any special plans or goals for 2009?