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I had to look back at a couple of blog entries from this time last year to see if I was going to repeat myself this year. Doesn’t look like it. Not much, anyway.

I’ve already mentioned our family’s yearly tradition of visiting an area tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree. We have a few more traditions during the Christmas season – celebrating Christmas, for one. Hubby and I are both agnostic, so our observance of Christmas is a holdover from having grown up in Christian households. I feel more inclined to celebrate Solstice, but we haven’t developed any habits concerning Solstice, so Christmas it is.

One of our holiday traditions, which we started somewhere between 6 and 10 years ago, is to eat at an Asian restaurant on Christmas Eve. We did so tonight, in fact, choosing a restaurant we recently discovered called Asian House. The place serves delicious Thai food in gigantic portions. We brought several boxes of leftovers home.

We continue the childhood tradition of giving presents to family members. When I was a kid, my siblings and I were always allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve, then had to wait until Christmas Day to open the rest. We do the same with our children, so they each opened a present this evening. I got to open one, too.

Peruvian Flute BAnd Hat

Peruvian Flute Band Hat

Here I am, all decked out in my new Peruvian Flute Band hat. Cool, huh? And very warm.