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MinnPost has an article about the Top 100 Minneapolis Twitterers by Graeme Thickins. (Sounds like a fictional name, doesn’t it?) The online app that arrives at such rankings is called Twitterholic. Here’s the page for Minneapolis Twitterers.

Turns out that Dave Matthews is #100 on the Top 100 list of all Twitterers on Twitterholic today. Several others I follow are in the Top 100 – John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Mashable, Barack Obama (who is #1), the New York Times.  The list is updated daily and is dependent upon how much a person tweets. I started following Rachel Maddow based on the Top 100 list. (You know, it’s darned hard to find people to follow by name now that Twitter got rid of this portion of its search feature. You’ve gotta pick people up however you can.)

Of course, I had to mess with Twitterholic to see how I ranked. I’m ranked at 230,110 on Twitterholic. (Out of how many Twitterers total? – That’d be useful to know.) And I’m ranked 2nd out of Twitterers from Central Minnesota. There are only three of us with a location of Central Minnesota, so I won’t let that second place ranking go to my head.