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I got this meme from Amy Hunter at Ambivalent Muse. She runs her memes like I run mine. We make playing along optional. It’s no fun if it’s forced.

The alphabet meme is very simple. You get a letter from the person who tagged you (or, in this case, whoever you allowed to tag you) and you list ten things you love that start with that letter. Amy assigned me the letter “H”, and the first thing on my list is . . .

1. Hubby. No, his name doesn’t start with the letter “H”, but he’s Hubby on this blog and that does start with the letter “H” and there’s nothing I love more in this world than Hubby. ***

2. Hamburgers – with tomatoes, mayonaise and lettuce.Ā  Mmmm!

3. Heaters. Hey, it’s winter in Minnesota. Gotta love the warmth of a heater. It’s mandatory, especially for this skinny-minnie always-cold body.

4. Haiku. A simple, structured poetic form of three lines. First line has 5 syllables, the second has 7, the third has 5. I have fun trying say something interesting by fitting words into a structure.

5. HTML – Hyper text markup language. I’m amazed that this relatively simple computer programming language can be used to create complicated looking web pages.

6. History. It’s the story of human activity over time. Who doesn’t love a good story? History is the sum total of all stories.

7. Hard candy. Fruit-flavored, please!

8. Humor. Ha, ha, it is to laugh!

9. Home. Comfort, security, the place to interact with family and kitties. A place to be creative.

10. Homo sapiens (a.k.a. human beings). Never a dull moment in life when sharing the planet with billions of other homo sapiens.

I’m playing by the same rules as Amy. If you want to participate in this meme, leave a comment and I’ll assign you a letter.

***Darn! There’s no “H” word for kids, or my children would be on this list. None of their names start with “H” either.