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Have a little down-time this morning and am checking out random stuff online. Here’s what I’m finding:

Minnesota Blog Cabin – MinnPost is going to start following Minnesota bloggers. Should be interesting. I’ve already submitted my suggestions, including a plug for this blog.

Posterous – Found through a tweet by actor Stephen Fry. Posterous is a web app that allows you to put anything you want online via email. Literally. Anything you want. Photos, videos, blog posts, tweets, etc.

Longevity Tortoise – He’s seen at age 70 in a photo from the Boer War. He’s now estimated to be 176 years old. Crazy.

Why Thinking “Outside the Box” Doesn’t Work – Apparently, you can use the box to your advantage.

Over half of adults play video games – Does this surprise anyone?

Mimosa is the new black

How’s that for variety? Got any interesting links you’d like to share? Let me know. I range all over the place in terms of interests.