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demonbaby Apparently the VMAs are on right now. If you’re watching them, kindly help us create a better society by killing yourself.

demonbaby When did it become the norm for airlines to play shitty Enya music during take off and landing, when I can’t drown it out with headphones?

demonbaby I really, fucking REALLY wish I didn’t have “I Kissed a Girl” stuck in my fucking head.

demonbaby This outfit is today’s reason Katy Perry sucks: http://tinyurl.com/5pat5p (thanks @jsmith8143 )

demonbaby Wait, is this new Kanye West single for real? “Robocop”? It’s… *alarmingly* shitty. Also, ENOUGH with the fucking Cher vocal effect!

demonbaby Oh, and Jack White, Alicia Keys, & whoever decided to let those two twats do a Bond theme song should all be hanged. Fucking TERRIBLE song!

demonbaby Music is an interesting thing, because no matter how shitty it gets, it can ALWAYS get shittier: http://is.gd/8jfb – Jesus FUCK that sucks!

demonbaby If you think the new Guns & Roses and/or Kanye West albums are good, you’re either lying to yourself or you just have shitty taste. Sorry.

demonbaby I’ve been downloading a buttload of music lately, which means an update to the mixtape podcast: http://feeds.feedburner.com…