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I stole a new app from Martha at Advocate’s Studio. I’ve been using it all evening, getting a laugh while attempting to eject various viruses from Hubby’s computer.  (I’ve actually been on the computer since about 11 this morning, but only started messing around with the internet this afternoon.)  The app is called Generatus and what it does is assist in the task of writing Twitter posts or status updates for Facebook.  I’ve already posted a few on my Twitter profile, but I keep finding interesting ones, so I’ll post a bunch here.

Mary is the girl who put the laughter in manslaughter.

Mary is thinking inside the box because too many people are thinking outside the box.  (Hubby has said this very thing before.)

Mary isn’t worried about the environment. It’ll go away.

Mary loves being a writer. What she can’t stand is the paperwork.

Mary is the lesser of 2 evils.

Mary always wears a seatbelt. It makes it harder for aliens to suck her out of her car.

Mary is a melomaniac.  (Meaning: a craze for music)

Mary is all that.  (And I’m adding: “and a bag of chips.”)

Mary likes cats too, let’s exchange recipes.

Mary is made of meat; her whole family is made of meat.

Mary is so ugly that when she was born the doctor didn’t know which end to slap.  (Okay, I’m going to disagree with this one and write my own. Mary was born so fast that her head was pointy. It’s why she’s so sharp today.)

Mary thinks the last place she’d like to be beamed is “Up Scotty”.

Mary is wondering: if scientists are so clever, what is the speed of dark?

Mary realizes that whatever kind of look she was going for, she missed. (Mary is completely anal retentive about editing. She just corrected what Generatus generated. Realizes was spelled “realises”.)

Mary is going to take a bath. Please alert the media.

Mary is not perfect, but parts of her are incredible.

(I think that’s a good place to end, don’t you?)