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I follow author Clare Dudman’s tweets on Twitter and she follows mine.  The day before yesterday, I tweeted that I was going to make meatloaf.  Here is our meatloaf exchange:  (Clare’s start with her Twitter name, Duddy.  My tweets are unlabeled or start with @Duddy.)

Time to make meatloaf.

Clare Dudman

Duddy @woowooteacup MMmm I like meatloaf – and haven’t made one for ages! You’ve given me a sudden yearning:-)
@Duddy Yes, yes . . . a yearning. That’s what I had. It’s cold here. Meatloaf is good when it’s cold outside.
1 lb. grd. turkey, 1 egg, smashed crackers or bread – enough to give meatloaf substance, 1 sm. chopped onion, spices to taste.
Form into rough ball or loaf shape, put into a coverable pan – I use square Corningware. Top with can of Golden Mushroom soup.
Into the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour. Serve with whatever. Avoiding dishes? Bake potatoes on oven rack at same time.
Duddy @woowooteacup Thanks very much – I’ll take that down!
Duddy @woowooteacup Adding a can of soup is a really great idea!
Duddy @woowooteacup Cold here too – and I happen to have all those things in the fridge. Strange – I’ve been hankering after baked potatoes too.
Duddy @woowooteacup I love the idea of this – a recipe from a twitter friend!
@Duddy The soup makes a great sauce. Can use it on the potatoes. Any sort of creamy condensed soup will do, I should think.
@Duddy Glad you like it. I don’t think Twitter will work for involved recipes, but it’s great for the simple ones.
The conversation continued the next day, after I had made meatloaf Saturday and Clare had made it Sunday.

Duddy Meat loaf in the oven thanks to recipe from @woowooteacup Hub muttering about what else is going to be tweet-inspired…heh
@Duddy Should we think of something else, just to keep Hub wondering?
Duddy @woowooteacup Worked well – everyone liked it. Thank you! And yes, let’s do it again. It’s fun!