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I have a couple of blog post ideas that take too much thinking for tonight, so I’m going for the easy update.  Normally, I don’t have to work on Mondays, but yesterday I attended a focus group meeting related to museum collections.  It was a blast because the energy was good in the group and we were all sharing our ideas.

Because the meeting was being held near where Hubby is attending college, we rode together in the morning.  Hubby has a night class on Mondays, so we were out of the house all day.  Knowing I’d have time to kill while Hubby was in class and because Mondays are normally writing days for me, I took my laptop with and did some editing work.  I managed to finish editing the last four chapters of Greenville.  I’m to the point where I’ve edited so much that all I have left are tiny tweaks.  Now I can turn the chapters into one big pdf file and hand it off to a few other people for a look-see.

Today was crazy at work.  I am building an exhibit, so I was grabbing things I needed from home for the exhibit, which made me late, which made the morning fly by.  I also had to go to the post office and then pick up some Christmas tree lights and ornaments for the tree at work, which made the day feel even shorter.  It was all good and productive, though, although I think my head was spinning a few times between yesterday and today.  Lots to think about.