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I’ve spent the better part of the past hour writing haiku for the Twitter Haiku contest being sponsored by Copyblogger.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

When leaves are off trees / Homes of nest builders reveal’d / Lairs of bird seed thieves

Perfect party guests / Teddy bears and baby dolls / Unable to drink

A dirty dust mote / Quavering in the sunlight / Feather duster – Whoosh!

See happy dust motes / Dancing in dappled sunlight / Dirt as poetry

With skinny grey jeans / And floaty black top, she feels / Emo. No wait! French.

The last one was inspired by Daughter, who entered the room in her skinny grey jeans and black floaty top.  She said she felt Emo, but then realized she was dressed as our French foreign exchange student dresses.

Now, the difficult part. Only one entry per Twitter account, so I have to choose – or write something else.