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It’s Friday night and I’m thinking about going grocery shopping.  I don’t much like grocery shopping.  It’s such a drudge.  And for some reason, shopping where I shop makes me physically exhausted.  Somewhere around the laundry detergent/toilet paper aisle, I want to lie down and take a nap – and that’s only the half-way point.  The benefit of going tonight is that I won’t have to go tomorrow.  Tomorrow, the store will be busier and I’ll have to fight my way through the crowd.

The downside of going tonight is that I’m starting out tired.  I was building a new exhibit at work, which involved lots of running around to select and retrieve artifacts, some shoving and lifting of exhibit cases, and a ton of mental arrangement and rearrangement in order to figure out how best to tell the story I want to tell.  The exhibit is nowhere near done, but I have a better idea of what I still need to do.

The other downside is that Daughter and one of her friends just rented the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” and it has begun and I’m already sucked in.  Time for some serious Fortitude to drag myself away.