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Not that the weather is colder and the furnace is on, drying out the air in the house, I have a desperate need for lip balm.  I was putting on some Carmex this morning and it reminded me of something Daughter did over the weekend.  When it comes to Carmex, I like to use the stuff in the small white container with the yellow twist-off lid.  I rub my finger in the Carmex and then apply it to my lips.  Daughter had a container of lip balm similar to the Carmex container, although a little wider and flatter.  When she applied it this weekend, she took the lid off and rubbed her lips directly on it.  I have never seen anyone do this and it left me a bit aghast.  I shot her a strange look and she said, “What?”  I made a comment about her technique and she said she had learned it from a friend of hers and, “What’s wrong with it anyway?  People put their lips directly on lip balm when applying it from a tube.”  She had me there.  She also said that it prevents greasy fingers.  Another good point.

My question for you:  What’s your preferred method of applying lip balm?

In a related blog post, Joy Erickson recently wrote about being addicted to lip balm.  For me, the addiction only lasts through the winter.