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Ladies and gentlemen!  We have snow in central Minnesota!  While only a light dusting, there was enough to put some white on the ground and that’s good enough for me.  Bit slushy underneath, which made it a little slippery.  When the first snow happens, Minnesotans have to work on getting their snow/ice legs.  We mince along, our toes scrunched up as though trying to dig in for traction, which doesn’t work very well because our toes are in our shoes.  And my shoes were wholy inappropriate for today’s weather – black Mary Jane flats with no heel backs.  Somehow, I managed to keep my feet dry, even though I had to scrape snow off the car.  The good news is that now there is snow, I can wear my snow pants without feeling stupid.  I need them more for the cold than for the snow, but if there isn’t snow on the ground, I look terribly overdressed.