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Hubby and Young Son Number Two are deer hunting.  They left Friday and will be back tomorrow.  Each evening, they call and give Daughter and I the update.  On Saturday morning, as Hubby and Young Son got to their ground blind, Young Son looked up and saw an 8-point buck looking back at him.  Because the ground blind has been in place for a couple of weeks, the deer didn’t think much of it.  He was a little concerned about the appearance of Hubby and Young Son, though, and started walking off.  Hubby had Young Son take a shot, although the deer’s hind end was facing them, so the shot didn’t do anything but scare the deer away.

Hubby called last night with an update.  Not much going on, just a lot of sitting in the cold, which Young Son seems to be taking with a great deal of patience.  After the update, Hubby put Young Son on the phone.  Young Son proceeded to tell me that he had shot an Indian elephant.  Whenever he’s spinning a yarn, he does it with a rakish seriousness, like he really wants you to believe what he’s saying, but he’s having a good laugh inside about his jokiness.  After telling me he had shot an Indian elephant, I could hear the voices of my sister’s family and my husband in the background, bantering about this revelation.  Someone said, “What? No Asian elephant?” to which Young Son replied, “There are no Asian elephants in Minnesota.”  My sister said, “There are no Indian elephants in Minnesota, either.”  Without missing a beat, Young Son said, “Well, not anymore.  I just shot the last one.”  And then he told me he’d shot an Orca.

[Addendum November 10, 2008, half-hour or so after I published this: Another update from Hubby and Young Son.  Hubby’s version:  Still cold, still not seeing anything.  Young Son’s version:  Shot a jackelope and a Sasquatch (although he didn’t mess with Sasquatch), now hunting a Yeti.  Not happy that I cleaned his room because he won’t be able to find anything.]