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In leaving a long response to one of my commenters concerning President-Elect Barack Obama’s plans for the economic recovery, I found some sites that might be of interest to my other readers.  (They certainly were of interest to me, so I’ll put them here in case I need to find them again.)

Something I had heard, but not confirmed was that everyone, rich, middle class and poor, alike, do better when a Democrat is in the White House.  Here are two links that discuss this finding:

Huff-Po: Proof: Democrats Are Better For the Economy

The New York Times: Which Party in the White House Means Good Times for Investors?

I also got to wondering exactly how much tax money goes to services for the poor.  Not including Social Security (21%) and Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP (21%), only 9% of the federal budget goes to safety net programs.  That’s the exact same percentage we are paying on the interest on the national debt.  The largest allocation (22%) goes to defense and security.

See the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities website for the full scoop, plus pretty charts.

My research also took me to Barack Obama’s transition website, which includes descriptions of his plans for the various items on his agenda.  What’s even more impressive, however, is that there is a way for people to submit their own ideas for the direction the country should go.  Have we ever had this sort of opportunity before?