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Took the day off work in order to attend Eldest Son’s conferences.  Drove Hubby to school first, then went to the chiropractor.  Went last week, but the adjustment was a tough one and I was sore for several days after.  I didn’t feel like I’d been put back together correctly, so I went again.  Much better today.  Then I drove back to Hubby’s college and we had lunch together and waited for his second class of the day.  While he was in class, I finished reading Claire Cook’s “Must Love Dogs.”  Then we headed to Eldest Son’s school to attend conferences and bring him home for the weekend.  We had supper at Mort’s Deli and ran into one of Hubby’s professors.  Fabulous food at Mort’s.  I had an egg salad sandwich and onion rings.  Hubby had a Reuben and Eldest Son had a BLT with no lettuce.  Instead, it came with fresh mozarella and basil.  We were all stuffed and drove home in that condition.

Raining today.  Supposed to get snow over the next couple of days.  We’ll see.