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There are no words to express how happy I feel that Obama has won the Presidency.  I’ve been Twittering since we got home from our local DFL party.  Inside, I’m shivering gelatin.  I watched John McCain’s concession speech and, frankly, if he’d been as gracious during his campaign as he was during this speech, the whole thing could have gone the other way.  Obama was equally gracious toward McCain in his acceptance speech, along with being both hopeful and realistic.  When Obama thanked his wife Michelle and his children for their support, I could feel how much he loves them.  (And he promised his girls a puppy when they move to the White House.  Being as how he said this in front of millions of people, I don’t think he’s going to get out of this promise.)

Congratulations, Barack Obama!!!!!

P.S. My husband was so happy, he cried.  And he doesn’t cry for much of anything.