I’m pleased as punch that I didn’t polish off the half-bowl of candy we had left after dishing out to trick-or-treaters.  I did eat a bunch, though.  Hubby, Young Son #2, Young Son’s friend, and I went to my friend’s house last night and shared candy and watched Ghost Hunters.

We got home around midnight and I fell right to sleep, sleeping hard all night.  I had trouble waking this morning, even though I slept about 9 hours.  When I stop to analyze what it means to sleep hard, I come to the physical aspects – sleep comes as soon as hitting the pillow, eyes tightly shut, no memory of dreams, no tossing about, a feeling of body so heavy that it’s difficult to move.  This afternoon, I had to take a nap (as did Hubby) and once again, we both slept hard.  Obviously, we needed the rest.

Sleep reminds me of sheets and it was clean sheet day today.  Happy Clean Sheet Day.  I think it should be a distinct holiday, because all souls deserve clean sheets periodically.  And that reminds me that today is All Souls Day, which feels like any other day to me, but there’s a nice sentiment attached to it.