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My brain is spent.  I’ve had a productive day.  I ordered the ISBNs needed for Greenville, plus got a sizeable chunk of my Woo Woo Teacup Publishing website done.  Whew!  It’s the kind of thought-intensive work that makes it difficult to shift over to writing blog posts.  Whenever I have difficulty moving from a task into writing, I find that it helps to spew whatever is on my mind or whatever I’m doing onto a page and that’s enough to get me to writer’s mind.

Right now, I’m typing this while talking to Young Son #2, who wants to go to Dairy Queen to alleviate his boredom.  Daughter just yelled up the stairs to tell us that DQ is closed for the season.  Young Son was visibly disappointed.  Now my son is telling me about a dollar that is stuck in a vending machine at school and how various students have attempted to get it out.  He brought a tweezers to try, but another student had pushed the bill farther into the machine with the reasoning that if he couldn’t have it, then no one else was going to be given a chance to have it either.  Now Young Son is grousing because he doesn’t have a video game to play.  Now he’s teasing his sister.  I think I need to find him some work to do.  I don’t play the boredom reliever in our household.  As soon as I say there’s work to do, the kids find ways to occupy themselves.

Now Daughter is complaining about cat hair.  It clings to her clothes, which she can’t stand.  She said she’s not going to own cats when she moves out, nor dogs.  “We either need to shave our cats or get a lint roller,” just popped out of her mouth.  Apparently, we’re going to be getting a lint roller soon.

Now Young Son is whimpering.  “Why are you whimpering?” I asked.  He whimpered again and then said, “No, you didn’t ask me if I was whimpering.”  He’s giving me shit, claiming I’m old, telling me he doesn’t like being written about because it’s bullying.  Can you tell he’s reading over my shoulder?  “No, I’m not!” he said.

I just sent Young Son to do the dishes, with the promise of money for a video game if he gets the job done.  He indicated that I played right into his scheme – “Annoy Mom ’til she gives me what I want.”  Guess I am the boredom reliever.  At least I’ll get the dishes done in the deal.