The day started gray and rainy, although it wasn’t particularly cold.  I had to drop the car off at the service station to have the heating system looked at.  We’re not getting any heat inside the car, which is not a good situation with winter coming.  I walked back home in the rain and didn’t feel chilled.  The chill didn’t arrive until I was back at home and scanning images for the website I’m building.  Why is it that inside the house can feel colder than outside?  The sun is weakly making its way through the clouds, although I’m not expecting that it will make a full appearance any time soon.

Hubby isn’t feeling well – sore throat, stuffed head – so he made matzo ball soup for lunch.  Mmm, mmm.  If you haven’t had matzo balls, they are a traditionally Jewish food that’s kind of like dumplings.  We prepare matzo balls the easy way; we use Matzo Ball Mix from Manischewitz, which, crazily enough, I can’t find listed through Manischewitz’s website.  It’s not under soups; it’s not under matzo & crackers in the product listings.  Puzzling.  Anyway, I took a picture of the box so you can see what matzo balls look like and know what you’re looking for in the grocery store if you want to try them.  This is not something you’ll find in every grocery store.  We once asked for the mix at our local grocery store and were met with blank stares from several staff members.

Matzo Ball Mix by Manischewitz

Matzo Ball Mix by Manischewitz

According to the recipe on the box, once you mix them up with eggs and oil, you boil them in water.  Take it from me, cooking them in chicken broth is better.  We tend to use a mix of chicken broth and water (half and half), which works well.  Today, we added some shredded carrots toward the end of the cook time.  They added a nice crunch and a punch of color.

Matzo ball soup sure hits the spot when you’re feeling under the weather.  They’re soft enough that you don’t even have to chew them if you don’t feel like it, although I wouldn’t recommend trying to cram a whole one in your mouth.