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Today’s my birthday.  I use to wait for my birthday with heavy anticipation.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve lost that sense of excitement.  It’s just another day.  This morning I got up and took my shower and got dressed, thinking normal thoughts.  It wasn’t until I was through with my morning ministrations that I realized it was my birthday.  My husband remembered, though, and wished me a happy birthday right away.  He got a gift, which is sitting on the table staring at me.  While my birthday may be just another day, I still enjoy getting presents.

One of the great things about my birthday is that the weather is unpredictable.  I’ve even had snow on my birthday.  This year, I get spectacular fall colors, which I’ve been admiring while I drive to work or run errands.  There seems to be an especially large range of leaf colors this year, from spring green through burgundy.  Last Monday I played with my scanner, scanning various objects.  Toward the end of the day, I had moved on to rocks and leaves.  As I see the bursts of color in the vegetation around me, I wonder how certain leaves would scan, if their colors would remain true.  I’ll be trying some of them later.

Time to help Hubby with dinner.

(And still I wonder what’s in the gift bag.)