I’m continuing my exploration of Twitter.  Writing tiny posts can unintentionally cause a body to stir up a sense of mystery because no further explanation is forthcoming.  For example, Dave Matthews has been tweeting up a storm and one of his tweets merely said, “Chocolate.”  Well, okay then.  One of mine said, “Thinking . . . .”  I was actually thinking about a long reply to my Sexual Idealism post, but how would anyone following my Twitter feed know that?  I rather like that unintentional mysteriousness.  It causes people to write stories in their heads in an attempt to figure out what’s behind certain tweets.

Twitter, I’ve discovered, has a sibling photo application called TwitPic that allows people to post links to photos through their tweets.  Dave is using TwitPic liberally, posting photos of what I assume are his original works of art, plus travel photos.  He also posted a photo of himself looking so redneck that I laugh every time I think about it or see it.

Here it is:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

He reminds me of one of those curmudgeonly old farts who yells for the wife to get him a beer while simultaneously trying to get the grandchildren to pull his finger. After having heard him on the song “Cornbread,” I think he’s actually trying to achieve grumpy old man status. (And I know full well he’s not that old yet. Jeebus! The guy’s my age!)