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I never thought I’d look forward to seeing commercials for pharmaceuticals and cleaning products, but I am.  That’s what we’ll get as soon as this election season is over.  I have grown so weary of political ads that I’ve taken to muting commercials in order to preserve my sanity.  I can’t even listen to ads from candidates I support anymore.  Although there’s a cute pro-Al Franken ad that starts . . . “Al Franken made this ship sink.  Al Franken made these trains collide.  Al Franken hates puppies.”  The aim of the aid is to point out how many outrageous claims Norm Coleman has made concerning Franken.  I can tolerate this ad only because it uses humor.  All the others make me feel like a curmudgeon.

How’s everyone else feeling about this?  Do you want the foot fungus and Viva Viagra ads back?