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I signed up for a Twitter account last night.  What is wrong with me, anyway?  Like I haven’t given myself enough to do online.  Here’s the deal with Twitter – the whyfores and whereofs of my joining:  My favorite part of Facebook, other than keeping up with Daughter (and now Hubby – he joined last night), is the feature wherein I simply state what I’m doing or how I’m feeling.  That’s Twitter in a nutshell.  You get 140 characters to answer the question, “What are you doing?”

Twitter is to blogging as haiku is to poetry.  It’s micro-blogging.  Writers love the sound of their own voices on the page.  Some of us are verbose.  Learning to write concisely, cutting right to the point, takes practice.  Twitter is practice.

I’m also considering using my Twitter account for an online looking-at-the-future game called Superstruct.  Not sure yet what all Superstruct entails, but comments on its Facebook page hint that a Twitter account, blog, or wiki are ways to participate.  The game is due to start October 6 and will run for 6 weeks.

I’ll tell you what we need in the future – one dashboard for all of our online accounts.  Sheesh!

P.S.  Maybe I like the idea of Twitter because both Twitter and tweeting remind me of birds.  Hmmm.