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After messing with writing an author bio (ugh!) for my Woo Woo Teacup Publishing website (not online yet), paying the insurance bill, and eating supper, I knew I could no longer put off mowing the lawn.  Darkness comes sooner in central Minnesota now that it’s officially fall.  After about 45 minutes of developing callouses on my hands from pushing the mower, I sidled up to the bed of tomatoes and carrots and shut the engine off.  Happily, we have a few flowers on the tomato plants.  Unhappily, we probably don’t have enough warm weather left to allow them to develop into full-fledged tomatoes.  The story with the carrots is better.  While they are not the size of what you’d buy in a grocery store (except maybe for the pre-washed baby carrots), they are large enough to eat and oh, so tasty.  I pulled a few for a mowing-break snack and look what came up:

Hugging carrots

Hugging carrots

Two carrots that were getting cozy underground.  Isn’t that sweet?