Within the past few days, I’ve had a couple of dreams that are weird beyond belief.  Not the dreams themselves, actually, but what happened after.

Over the weekend I had a dream that Eldest Son was sick, but that I wasn’t around to help him.  The dream was so strong that I woke practically in tears.  Eldest Son is away at school and he emailed yesterday.  His news?  He’s sick with a cough and aches and fatigue.  He rarely gets sick and hates to miss school, but felt so ill that he couldn’t attend class today.

This morning, Young Son #2 woke me to say that his stomach was bothering him and hinting that he’d like to stay home from school.  This is a rather common occurrence, so I suggested he have some peppermint tea and get ready for school.  I slipped back into sleep and dreamed that he had left the house to go to school.  I followed in order to see how he was feeling.  There were kids all over the street.  One of them threw a massive amount of candy up into the air – much more than a single person could possibly throw in one toss.  This was a dream, however, so physics were defied.  Packages of candy bars and Dairy Queen ice cream treats and pieces of bubble gum rained down into our yard.  I ran around picking stuff up.  Then I woke.

When I left the house this morning, what did I find in front of our house?  A full bag of Fritos spilled on the sidewalk.

There is no explanation.