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I follow my blog feeds using Bloglines and I had noticed that a little red exclamation point was showing up next to my feed for The Confessions of Caroline.  Typically when this happens, someone has made adjustments to his or her blog and it has fouled up the feed.  When I click through, I usually come right to the blog, or I sign up for the feed again and that fixes the problem.  When I attempted to go to Caroline’s blog, however, I got a 404 error – which is a standard this-blog-is-not-here message.

Go ahead, you try:


Same result, eh?  Caroline’s last post, which I saved on Bloglines, was posted on August 24, 2008, and updated the following day.  In it, she describes how the married man she was romantically interested in was shot by his wife after the wife found emails between Caroline and the man.  Caroline had broken it off with the man previous to his getting shot.  The man warned Caroline that his wife was intent on seeing her dead.

And now the blog is gone.