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After some trial & error and fussing, I finally figured out the sticky problem I was having with the Cascading Style Sheets on my web design program, KompoZer.  Took long enough, but it’s finally coming together.  Still have to write some text for a few pages, plus a dreaded author’s bio.  It is incredibly strange to write about myself in the third person, which is what I’m doing for most of the pages.  (Can I count that as slipstream?)  When it comes to the author’s bio, I’m going first person.  I have a full page of notes that reads like my resume, but something entirely different could come out when I sit down to work on it.

As far as Greenville is concerned, I still have to order the ISBNs and check the layout for errors.  Then it needs to get uploaded to Cafe Press.  After it is officially listed on Cafe Press, I make my website live.  No sense in putting it out there if the links won’t take you where you want to go.