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Based upon the recommendation of my good friend Soloist, I have gotten an account at goodreads.com.  I have now spent the majority of my day messing with my profile and adding book reviews.  Since about 2003, I have kept a book filled with a list of books I have read.  When I started the book, I simply listed titles and authors’ names.  As I’ve moved forward, I’ve written comments about the books I’ve read.  It sure came in handy as I was adding stuff to goodreads.

You’ll notice a goodreads button in my sidebar.  This will take you to my book page on the goodreads site.  To see my profile, you’ll have to sign up for an account.  If you sign up and want to add to your friends list, send me a request.

And a note to LK:  I seem to remember you asking for a website that listed books.  Goodreads fits the description, plus you get reviews from readers.