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Yesterday, a high school friend was in town.  Hubby and I hung out with him in the late afternoon, had dinner with him at his parents’ house, and then went out on the town.  Hubby and I don’t typically go out, mostly because we have stuff to do the next day, but also because late night activity really does a number on me.  I don’t drink alcohol, so you can wipe that off the easy list of excuses for why night life isn’t good for me.  My problem, from the standpoint of those who enjoy late night parties, is that I’m a daylight hours kind of gal.  I’m sleepy by 11 p.m. and very much enjoy snuggling into bed and having a good night’s rest.  If I stay up too late, it throws my digestive tract out of whack.  When it comes to the bar scene, there are two other issues I have to contend with, both related to noise levels – loud music causes my ears to ring, and trying to speak over the noise gives me a sore throat.  I envy people who can make themselves heard over a live band and those whose eardrums can withstand the assault of dangerous decibel levels.

All that said, I had an enjoyable time last night.  We ran into a number of people we knew, besides our high school friend, and had interesting, if voice-strained, conversations.  I used cotton balls to tone down the band’s distortion and excess noise, even though I looked like a supreme dork doing so.  I was glad when another high school classmate told me she thought it was a good idea and she wished she’d had some.  I used the little notebook in my purse to write out what I wanted to say when I knew I wouldn’t be heard over the din, so that worked.  I have to admit, I did smile and nod a few times when I couldn’t hear a word someone said to me.  That’s not a good strategy because I obviously had no idea what I was being agreeable about, but I didn’t do it much and no one gave me any strange looks, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t agree to something outrageous.

I was having such a good time that I didn’t start to feel tired until about 12:30 a.m.  We arrived home just after 1 a.m. and I immediately went to bed.  Hubby and our friend stayed up talking until around 3:30 a.m.  Can you tell that my husband is a Night Owl?