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I’ve watched quite a number of stand-up comedy acts on Comedy Central and I’ve wondered why most of the shows seem to have a title, rather than just going by the comedian’s name.  After considering this for a few minutes, I suppose it’s because comedians put out albums, tapes and CDs of their shows, so they’d need to have names for them in order for consumers to tell them apart.  The show title probably also helps the comedian to remember particular shows and the jokes that go along with them.  I still remember the Bill Cosby album my dad owned that shows Bill riding a go-cart.  The image stuck, but not the title, which was Wonderfulness.  I suppose, being a little kid at the time, the title wasn’t that important to me, but it’s got to help trigger something for comedians.

Let’s see how well this titling of comedic shows works.  Are you ready for an activity?  If so, see if you can match up the following comedy show names with their respective comedians.  Good luck!

The Shows:

1. Lock ‘N Load

2. Spark of Insanity

3. The Epitome of Hyperbole

4. Beyond the Pale

5. A Little Bit Special

6. Insomniac

7. Terrifying Times

8. Tongue Untied

9. Let Them Eat Cake

10. Totally Committed

The Comedians:

a. Dave Attell

b. Stephen Lynch

c. John Oliver

d. Jim Gaffigan

e. Wanda Sykes

f. Jeff Foxworthy

g. Denis Leary

h. Brian Regan

i. Jeff Dunham

j. Lewis Black