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It’s a warm day today.  Gotta be mid-80s.  It’s humid and windy.  I’m watching blades of grass shimmy outside my bedroom window.  I’m not working at my desk today because there is a TV in the common room where my desk sits and Young Son #2 is playing a video game.  I believe it is a hunting game and there’s nothing like gunfire to ruin my concentration.

Laziness is the order of the day.  We got home late last night and slept in.  My writing productivity today has been more about jotting notes for my web pages and for a future blog post, rather than getting something into a final useable form.  That’s okay, though.  Sometimes I’ve just got to jot.  It organizes my mind so that when I’m ready to put words on a page, those words come more easily.

A Monarch butterfly is riding the air currents in our backyard.  It’s the second one I’ve seen today.  Or maybe it’s the second time I’ve seen the same butterfly.  Our yard seems to be a haven for Monarchs during their migration season.  They like to hang in our Chinese elms and pretend to be leaves.