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Eldest Son is home from school for the weekend.  We parents, it seems, have survived our first week of having our first hatchling out of the nest.  The quiet of this event is much more profound than when our children are away on sleepovers.  And our kids have gone on many a sleepover.  In fact, all three of them were off on sleepovers last night.  Yes, even Eldest Son, who is only here for a limited time, ditched us.  We knew this whole moving-out-on-their-own thing would happen eventually with the kids and of course, it’s partially our fault.  We’re the ones who trained them to be independent thinkers who didn’t have to depend upon Mom and Dad to decide what they should do with their lives.  What were we thinking?

In all seriousness, it’s a sad business, but necessary.  It just takes a rethinking and rearranging of our lives.  What I keep clinging to is something that my mother-in-law often says.  “Even when your kids become adults, they still need you.”  All they need to do is send us the bat signal and we’ll be there.