Eldest Son and Hubby both started back to school today.  Eldest Son is attending a school away from home, so that means he had to move into a dorm, which happened yesterday.  The school is a great opportunity and should be fun for Eldest Son, but our family is very close, so this isn’t an easy emotional transition for Hubby or me or Daughter or Young Son #2.

Hubby bought the books he needs for class.  The cost – $375, I think he told me – always takes my breath away.  You’d think I’d be used to it by now.  The crazy thing is that the books are always needed the first day or week of class, but financial aid doesn’t get applied until 2 weeks into the semester.

I was back at work on my website today and had more success with it than last time.  I’m becoming familiar with the sometimes capricious features of the program.  I managed to get a workable template created and, using it, started all the main pages.  I have to compose text for most of these main pages (the home page is done), plus create the secondary pages.  I’ll draw myself a map, so I don’t get confused.

As I type this, I am listening to music from Madonna’s album “Ray of Light.”  It’s hypnotic and I think I’m slipping into a trance.