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I’ve spent the majority of the day attempting to design web pages for woowooteacup.com.  Bah!  What a frustrating experience.  I was going to try Dreamweaver, but I took one look after opening the program and decided it was too difficult to tackle – and this after having gone through a tutorial.  Of course, I did the tutorial months ago, so none of it stuck with me.  I have a fairly simple design, so decided to try KompoZer.  I managed to get a template done, mostly, only I’m finding that there are certain things I can’t do easily with the program, like getting the links to show up without the automatic underlining.  I’ve also got to learn how to use the template correctly.  I can’t simply take the template and save it as another file.  Bah!  Frustrating.  And it’s too warm and my shoulders are seizing up and my eyeballs are fried.  Bah!  I need more web design practice.

Okay, enough complaining.  I’m taking a break.  If I have time, I’ll come back and do a less-complainy post.