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After working all morning on book cover design, my head is a swamp.  Shifting from layout to writing takes work, which is why I’m writing this blog post on what I’ve been doing today.  Once I get this out of the way, I should be through the silt and able to write a proper post.  I’ve been building up some ideas in my notebook.

So, then, book cover layout.  Tons of choices. What color?  (Wouldn’t green be the obvious choice for a book called Greenville?  Not necessarily.)  What images? (I took lots of pictures, so had lots to choose from.)  What font? How big to make the main title, the subtitle, my name?  What to put in my bio?  (I hate writing my bio.  Blech!)  What sort of text on the back cover will make people want to pick up the book and read it?

While the decisions may be dizzying, I think I’ve got something I like.  I can’t design the spine until I load my page layout into Cafe Press because spine width is determined by number of pages (approximately 174 – not including the front matter).  I’m getting closer to releasing Greenville into the world, which feels good, but I still have a website to build and ISBNs to buy.  One thing at a time.

Oh, crap!  I forgot the photo credits.