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Yesterday morning I worked on book cover design for Greenville.  I had started the previous week, but nothing was coming together.  When I sat down yesterday with Adobe InDesign and a bunch of photos I had taken, it all started to work.  I still have to write back cover text, but I’m pretty satisfied with my front cover imagery.

As I am writing this post, Eureka is beginning.  Eureka is a series on the SciFi Channel.  Young Son introduced Hubby and me to the program last week.  The basic plot is that Eureka is a town filled with geniuses and their inventions are constantly getting them into trouble.  One of the main characters is the sheriff, who is supposedly not a genius, although I think he’s pretty darned smart.  Of course, because the town is filled with geniuses, whatever trouble they cause, they seem to be able to solve – with the help of the sheriff.  (See?  He’s got to be practically genius-level himself to figure out genius-level problems.)  I have to tell you, the product placement in the show is not subtle.  The deoderant Degree Men IS the sponsor, and the program won’t let you forget it.