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Today was going to be the last day in the Nine Inch Nails concert countdown.  Unfortunately, when I went to check my Facebook page so my sister (who’s sitting right next to me) could see it, I saw that I had a notice.  It was from NIN.  Tomorrow’s concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis has been POSTPONED until November 25.  Crap on a stick.  See, I got my hopes up too high and now they’ve been dashed.  Trent Reznor is sick and is under doctor’s orders not to perform.  Double crap on a stick that he’s sick, but better that he rest and start feeling better than push himself.  I’m still disappointed, but I’ll roll with it as best I can.  November 25 is a Tuesday, rather than a Saturday.  We like Saturdays better because of work and school schedules, especially come November.  I’m sure I could get the day off, but I’m not sure if Hubby’s school schedule will allow.  (Crossing my fingers hard!)

Time to reconfigure our day tomorrow.  Phhhht.