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I was going to write a proper post about Neti Pots and other methods for clearing the sinuses tonight, but Hubby and I had to go grocery shopping before the weekend hits.  We’ll be going on a benefit motorcycle ride tomorrow and I’ll be speaking at church about my writing on Sunday.  The church talk will be my first official public engagement wherein I’ll be talking about my Greenville series.  While I’m on the cycle tomorrow, I’ll be mentally organizing my talk.  ‘Bout time I did that, don’t you think?

Next Saturday (not tomorrow), Hubby and I will be attending the Nine Inch Nails concert.  It’s only the sixth date on the band’s Lights in the Sky Over North America tour.  I can hardly believe that day is almost here.

Okay, bedtime.  Daughter is hinting that she wants to use the laptop.  Goodnight!