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Yesterday was a productive day. During the morning I worked on layout of the Greenville series. I finally figured out how to create a book file in Adobe InDesign. Doing this allows for each chapter to be numbered correctly in sequence. While it doesn’t sound like such a big thing, it certainly felt big for me. Adobe InDesign is a complicated program and I have barely scratched the surface of its capabilities.

In the afternoon I ran a few errands, including mailing some forms that have needed mailing for some time and stopping at the library to renew one book and return a couple of other. While there, I can’t resist checking out the stacks, especially the new book section. It’s a rare day when I don’t leave without at least three books in hand. Yesterday was no exception.

One of the books I found is called “The True Story of The Bilderberg Group” by Daniel Estulin. The Bilderberg Group is a collection of wealthy and powerful people who have been coming together once a year in various places around the world with the supposed goal of attempting to rule the world. (Moohoo wah hah hah!) I’m only 44 pages into the book and Estulin is presenting his evidence for his belief that the group is seeking world domination. Wikipedia indicates that ideas about the group’s desire for a one world government may be no more than conspiracy theories. Hmmm. I definitely need more information on this. You know, one way to discredit something is to call it a conspiracy theory, but if secret shenanigans and world takeovers are actually happening, then it’s not really a conspiracy theory in the negative connotation of the term, is it?

When I look at what happens on a local level, with a small group of leaders continually meeting in order to bring about change in the community, why wouldn’t this happen on a large-scale level álà The Bilderberg Group? The big difference seems to be that members of The Bilderberg Group have much more wealth and power and, thus, more influence to get things done. At the local level, most of these steering groups don’t seem to be able to steer much of anything and just end up spinning their wheels. Alas, while The Bilderberg Group may want to achieve world domination (moohoo wah hah hah!), there are plenty of factors that work against their goal, like other smart people. I mean, some of us didn’t fall off the rock yesterday now, did we? This group has supposedly been meeting since 1954. If its members are so powerful, why haven’t they achieved domination over the rest of us unwashed peons yet?