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Hubby played some of Steve Vai’s music last week, Vai being Hubby’s favorite musician. Vai is one of those over-achieving musicians who writes all of his own music and lyrics, plays pretty much every instrument on his albums, and sings (though he has featured other singers). He knows how to do it all. He strikes me as being highly intelligent and he plays one mean-ass complicated guitar. (He can make it talk.)

As Vai’s music was playing, it struck me that he and Trent Reznor might make a good team on a project. Yes, it’s another of my efforts to Frankenstein the Talent Pool. Both Vai and Reznor strike me as being geeks, albeit really cool ones who don’t wear taped glasses and have slide rules or graphing calculators in their pockets. The description I gave of Vai above is pretty much the same one I could give for Reznor, except that Reznor seems to favor the piano or keyboard over the guitar and he wraps himself in the band name Nine Inch Nails, whereas Vai is just Vai.

The one barrier to a successful matchmaking between Vai and Reznor is that each has such a strong creative voice that they might come to fisticuffs over what course to take in making music. Reznor experienced a falling out with Marilyn Manson, another strong creative person, and while I don’t know the exact nature of their disagreement, I have to wonder whether their personalities are so similar that they drove each other nuts. This is the potential danger of bringing Reznor and Vai together. Still, I think this FtTP is worth the risk, don’t you?

I’m not the only one with this thought. Check out this thread on Steve Vai’s forum.