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Hi, all!  I have been missing in action the past couple of days.  Yesterday, Hubby and I took Daughter and French Daughter, along with Daughter’s dear childhood friend (D’s DCF), to the Mall of America yesterday.  Our young gentlemen stayed home being as how massive mall shopping trips aren’t their thing.

The ladies had a fabulous time poking around stores.  Actually, “poking around” isn’t really the correct phrase.  These young women were on a mission.  They knew where they wanted to shop and they walked at break-neck pace to get there.  We had a hard time keeping up.  Hubby and I warmed a lot of mall benches.  We bought lunch from Sbarro and ate our pizza while overlooking the Nickelodeon theme park and Legoland.  We had dinner at Famous Dave’s, partially because it’s one of Hubby’s favorite restaurants, partially because we wanted to introduce French Daughter to barbecue.  That girl is game to try anything in the way of food, which is great because so are we.  So far, we’ve gotten her addicted to peanut butter, orange TicTacs and freezies.

It was a fun day and when we got home, we had another surprise.  Our dead maple was gone.  Our neighbor had arranged for someone to take it down at no cost, other than the wood.  We weren’t sure when this was supposed to happen, so we didn’t mention it to the boys.  They were shocked to hear a crash mid-way through the day and looked out to discover the tree down.  By the time we got home, the only evidence we saw of the operation – other than a missing tree – was sawdust in the street.

Today I had to work and I spent the entire day unsuccessfully attempting to hook a new router up to our cable modem in order to start a wireless internet connection.  I had a few successes in the process during the day, but the end result is that the computer recognizes an excellent wireless connection and then doesn’t connect to the server.  I have tried everything I could think of from the manufacturer’s website.  I suppose tomorrow I’m going to have to give someone more techie than I a call.