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Now that we’ve had a gigantic dose of rain followed by several toasty days, the plants in our yard are growing beautifully. We have two small beds of herbs and vegetables, including radishes, carrots, onions, basil, spinach, parsley, lettuce, tomatoes, rosemary, oregano, sage, tarragon, and jalapeño peppers. The jalapeños aren’t doing so well, but everything else is looking healthy.

The Radishes Are Coming

The radishes are coming . . . (and the carrots!)

Our flowers are looking lush, even though the irises are a couple of weeks late.


The irises – late to the party, but stylishly so.

On one of my vacation days (one of those days I said I was lazy), Hubby and I created a new garden bed on the north side of our house, where there is far too much shade and the soil is practically all sand. Grass wouldn’t grow here, at least not whatever it was that we planted. We thought maybe hostas would do the trick. A friend of ours spontaneously stopped me in the store last week and asked if we could use some hostas. She’s a gardener and regularly breaks apart her plants and then has to find something to do with them. Giving them away is one of her options. We were the willing recipients this time. We went over to her house and she dug up and broke apart a monstrously large hosta while we were visiting. She was able to break one plant into six nice sized ones. She also gave us some other plants from her garden, some cetum and lennium (don’t know if those are spelled correctly). By the time we were through with collecting plant material, the trunk of our car was filled, plus we had two pots in the back seat area.

Hubby and I, with the assistance of Young Son #2, Daughter, and French Daughter, aerated the soil and moved rocks to create an edge for the bed. We had enough plants to fill a bed along the entire north side of our house. Et, voila! The result:

Hosta Bed