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I’ve been veeeeeery busy the past couple of days. We pick up our French exchange student tomorrow and we wanted to get a bunch of stuff done, like grocery shopping, laundry, mowing the lawn, and painting the bathroom. (This last job was something Hubby wanted to do, along with putting trim in parts of the house we remodeled ages ago. The deadline of a visitor was a big motivator.)

This morning, I woke with a headache. I don’t like waking with a headache because I usually keep the thing all day. Part of what accompanies my occasional headaches is a non-thinking state I slip into. I’m not sure if it’s the pain that causes this, or if it’s caused by whatever is causing the headache. When I’m in this state, I don’t want to write. The words won’t string themselves together in my mind and I have no writing ambitions whatsoever. This is rare for me, but it does happen. Headaches put me in this place, as do acute illnesses like the flu. Just let me lie in bed and die, please. Of course, once I’m feeling better, I’m right back at it. For you writers out there, do you suffer from any physical conditions that take away your desire to write?

P.S.  Ibuprofen helped ease the headache and the non-thinking state, so here I am . . . blogging.