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I just got finished watching “Pride and Prejudice” with Daughter. Pure chick-flick and I loved it. Now I want to speak with a British accent, which Daughter slips into quite easily.

Hubby woke me today with a kiss and the news that our shed had been broken into. The thief took some old fishing rods, but didn’t touch the motorcycle or bikes. Hubby reported it to the police, who said that this behavior is typical once school lets out for the summer. We’re investigating heavier security and Hubby took care to put a new and heavier latch on the shed this morning. (Sheesh, I’m even thinking in a British accent!)

Today was my first day of vacation. I’ll be off work until next Tuesday, spending time feverishly working on Greenville. I’ll work three days next week and then take another bunch of days off. The second grouping of days off is when we welcome our French exchange student. We’ve had a few email exchanges with her and she says that she is impatient to come. We are impatient to have her. The time will fly.

Last night, after a hiatus, there was a writers group meeting. A portion of it got uncomfortable and I want to discuss some ideas for more productive writers group meetings, but I have to let the situation settle a bit.

Young Son #2, Eldest Son, and I went to the chiropractor today. Hubby drove. (The one we go to is a ways away.) I like being adjusted because I feel like I can move with more ease, but not directly after. I’m stiff and even though our chiropractor does some adjustments in a way the makes it feel like a nice back rub, I can certainly feel the adjustments now.

After we got back from the chiropractor, Young Son and I walked to the library with one of Young Son’s friends.  I had a delightful time browsing the stacks and found more than I can possibly read in three week’s time.  (I had to put a book back, but still ended up with three biggies, plus a CD.)

Time for bed. I’ll be up bright and early (or gray and early, if we get the rain that’s predicted) to work on my Greenville layout. Goodnight!