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One more post about our visit to my sister’s this past Saturday.  (Go away for one day and suddenly the blog post ideas come fast and furious.)

While Hubby and I were driving back from my sister’s, we decided to veer from our usual route about two-thirds of the way into the trip.  We looked at the map and took a road we didn’t know.  It was a beautiful route, until we ran into weather.  And when I say weather, I mean WEATHER.  We were pounded by so much rain and hail that we had to pull off to the side of the road for a while.  At one spot along the route, there was a coating of hail so thick that it looked like snow.  The crazy thing about this was that the sun was practically shining over our shoulders.  It was certainly peeking through the clouds because we saw three different rainbows.  One of the rainbows ended on the road.  We drove over it, but, alas!  There was no pot of gold.  The rain was on and off most of the way home.  In one area, we could see a line where the rain had ended, a dry patch, and then another line where it had come down again.  When we got home, we discovered that we hadn’t gotten any rain, even though our rain-soaked ride was only half-hour to forty-five minutes from home.