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When we were at my sister’s yesterday, she introduced us to the family cat. They’ve had the cat for less than a year, so it’s really more of a kitten. It is a she and she’s called Sheba officially. Unofficially, however, she is called Satan. When we first came into the house, the cat came right up to us, seeming to be very friendly. That attitude quickly changed as we hung around. The cat meowed warning meows at us and nipped at us. She was in attack mode. What’s unusual about this is that typically cats, if they are uncomfortable with a person, will run and hide, but this cat was playing the offensive. We think she was smelling the scent of our three kitties on us and it made her crazy. My sister said that she and the rest of her litter all behave in this aggressive manner toward people, hence the nickname.

There’s another weird thing about this cat – she’s polydactyl, which means she has extra toes. Sheba has extra toes that are disconnected from the others on her front paws and they’re so long that they look like mittens. She literally has opposable thumbs and my sister has to put an extra closure on her kennel in order to keep her in because she can work the latch. Look! I have a picture of her:

Sheba, the polydactyl cat