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Peanutopolis - Snickers Bar

Hubby and I drove to the Grand Rapids area today to attend our niece’s graduation ceremony.  On the way, Hubby got hungry, so we stopped and bought a couple of candy bars.  Hubby got a Snickers, the back of which is pictured above.  We had a good time discussing what a Peanutopolis might be.  I bought a Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll, which I figured was closer to a real Peanutopolis than a Snickers was.  Thus . . .

Snickers & Salted Nut Roll

When Hubby finished eating his Snickers, here’s what he found on the inside of the wrapper:

Snickers - Peanutopolis Definition

If you’re having trouble reading this, it says, “Peanutopolis \pE-nut-ă-pu-lis\ (noun) A state of mind making you feel very strong and powerful, almost mayor-like.”

Say what?  This has to be entered in the annals of “Strangest Ad Campaign Ever.”  I mean try saying “Peanutopolis” a few times and see what it turns into, even if you aren’t thinking along those lines to begin with.  And the definition?  It leaves me shaking my head.  I’d have defined it as “a city of peanuts,” which would have led to humorous imaginings about what peanut people might look like.  I don’t typically think of “opolis” as a state of mind, do you?  And if it is, I’d say my state of mind could be described as confused by this ad campaign, rather than strong, powerful, and mayor-like.